TONTARRA offer an extensive endoscopic product portfolio with a wide range of premium telescopes, complemented by high-end devices and accessories. The well elaborated instrument systems for Laparoscopy, Gynecology, Urology, Arthroscopy and ENT are compatible to equipment of well-known providers, or can be fully adapted to OEM specifications.

Our strategic partner in the endoscopic field is Lemke, Germany (visualization, insufflators, pumps).

The TONTARRA product range for Endoscopy and equipment includes the following areas:
- Laparoskopy
- Gynecology
- Urology
- Arthroscopy
- Flexible Instruments for Endoscopic Therapy
- Equipment: Imaging, HF, Pumps, Insufflators etc.

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TONTARRA's Catalogues for Endoscopy are available as pdfs online and for download, see the respective chapters, or visit our SERVICE area.